Gray Feathers On Fire

Burn it up

The Internet. Doused in petrol.
Currently under construction: A new way to look at madness.

Welcome to Gray Feathers on Fire - the sister website of the "all-conquering" Blue Feathers on Fire. (source: The Guardian's Top 100 Web Sites of 2006)

What's that? Why are we here you ask? Well settle down and all will gradually move into focus like fog moving away from some concealed dead rat. Having listened to your feedback, we discovered that, for those of you reading Blue Feathers at work, the images of comedy Dukes or plump ducks often serve as a neon sign above their heads reading: "I A M O N T H E I N T E R N E T".

Gray Feathers on Fire aims to address your concerns by acting as some kind of poor cousin of its half removed Captain. On these pages, expect to see all the latest features you would on BFOF, minus the neon bells and whistles. Meaning your supervisor will think you are reading a work-related document, and not one of the top 1,130,000 of the world's best panderers of irrelevant tripe (source: Google).


Happy reading, Lewdies.

Yours, Peter Egg
Chief Editor, Blue Feathers on Fire

Blue Feathers on Fire: Available in glorious technicolour right here!




This site is currently under construction. It is proving to be a proper mission transferring across all the material from BFOF. Using our very limited understanding of HTML, this shall be an ongoing process. So far, we have managed to pull through the TV Scripts and the News, now available to view. Check back soon for more stuff. We don't know how long this whole process is liable to take. Ages probably!